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30 years W+P Solutions – 30 years of successful and innovative consulting and software for the fashion industry


The fashion specialist W+P Solutions celebrates its 30th anniversary together with Microsoft in Cologne 

It was a very touching anniversary day with lots of emotion and passion at the Microsoft Headquarter in Cologne. With his customers, partners, friends and employees, Hartmut Walter, founder and managing partner of W+P Solutions looked back on 30 successful years of innovative consulting and software development for the fashion industry. He made a clear commitment for the future: To be “Again the No.1 in the fashion market together with Microsoft Dynamics AX”.

To future with lot of experience 

An exclusive circle of high-ranking guests and interesting speakers from the fashion and IT industry went with Hartmut Walter through 30 moving years of IT history. They not only used the opportunity to congratulate him personally, they also learned a lot about the ERP and fashion solutions on the way to the 21th Century. It was possible to face the personality Hartmut Walter very close from all his sides which are well known by his close companions for many years.

Success is not obvious 

From IBM via SAP to Microsoft – Hartmut Walter with his W+P Solutions went a long way full of challenges and opportunities. He broke down barriers and never lost his goals. “Who reflects the right things early, becomes a pioneer. Who works hard, also remains it” said Hartmut Walter, “because success is not obvious and therefore we are happy about 30 years of trustful and successful teamwork with our customers and partners in this extremly challenging and exciting market.” The guests were obviously impressed by Dr. Hellmut Müller’s review of ” continuity in the long-standing partnership, which was marked by ups and downs ,” said the lawyer, personal advisor and sparring partner, who supported Hartmut Walter in the last 30 years in all strategic decisions.

Industry expertise, latest technology and security of investment 

Hartmut Walter knows about signs of time and understands market needs: valid industry expertise, combined with the latest technological platform and the security of investment of a global player. He himself invested a high amount of money and developed the fashion industry solution WP FashionAX: based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and with the experiences of many project launches over the last 30 years. This fashion solution is unique and grows continuously with important functionalities of the current requirements of the market.

W+P Solutions is the most important partner of Microsoft in the fashion industry 

Living a close partnership only is what makes success. As technology partner of W+P Solutions Microsoft becomes clear about it: “W+P Solutions is the most important partner in the fashion industry for Microsoft Dynamics AX,” said Hans- Jürgen Rose, Senior Director and Head of Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Germany. “What we do, we do together with our partners to be successful in the future. Technologies and markets change rapidly, new trends are coming up. We want to offer more than just security of investment to our customers.”

Speaking customers language and understanding his needs 

Hartmut Walter relies on a close and long-term relationship of trust with his customers. His credo is: Software is confidence. Technology and IT are more important than ever, but industry expertise and process understanding take clearly the first place. This characterizes Hartmut Walter with his W+P Solutions as the fashion expert. “The solution provider has to be top! With W+P Solutions we found a partner who understands our business and our needs, who speaks our language,” said Sabine Tietz, managing director of SCHWAB VERSAND GmbH, member of the Otto Group, and pointed out, „we would have arranged with the “second-best” platform, the main point is that our fashion expert W+P Solutions is on board.“

With confidence, flexibility and respect 

“The history of W+P Solutions creates authenticity and identity – especially in times of mergers, ownership changes and transformations. Nothing is more constant – and uncertain – as change,” said Klaus Bauer, former COO of PUMA AG and longtime friend of Hartmut Walter. “The history of Hartmut Walter, however, is firm as a rock. It builds confidence, is evidence of continuity and success, and thus forms a solid basis for the future.” PUMA, Bauer and Walter connect several decades, which were also characterized by times of crisis on both sides. Klaus Bauer came to the point: “The most important thing is to be together, with flexibility, confidence and acceptance, to respect each other,” and emphasizes that there “is always a solution.”

Hartmut Walter: Yesterday, today and tomorrow, a visionary 

Hartmut Walter’s consistent success is not only result of his everlasting, ambitious and passionate drive for action, even more a result of his unique vision. That is what Achim Walz, CEO of Euro Fashion Center in Sindelfingen, also underlined with his provocative discourse regarding the current structural changes in the fashion market: „Clothing industry at a dead end?” Today the end customer decides about fashion, no longer the industry,” said Achim Walz, and required to focus only the end customer in the value chain. Even after 30 years Hartmut Walter and his entire team are self-confident and goal-oriented : W+P Solutions will be market leader and pioneer of the fashion industry in the next 30 years – always being ahead!

Further information on: www.walter-partner.com