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The future requires a dynamic ERP


“ERP solutions become corporate enterprise solutions. Dynamics AX goes along with this transformation and on this I can transport my fashion knowledge into the future.” Hartmut Walter, owner and CEO of W+P Solutions. 

The big eat the small. This was true in the past. “Today, the fast eat the slow,” says Hartmut Walter, owner and managing partner of W+P Solutions. “Those vendors are going to win who focus the end customer’s wishes and adapt their products to market quickly.” “This requires an ERP system that can reflect this change,” explains Walter. “With its Layer technology, Dynamics AX is the tool which enables IT departments to transfer innovations quickly into the company.” Individual forms can be implemented in customer and user layers, the base ERP remains unaffected. This ensures the ability to update for upcoming releases.

Retail is the new brain 

The consumer sector is showing impressive, what speed means: “The truth is at the point of sale”, explains Hartmut Walter. “And the insights from POS must quickly go into the product development.” Therefore, the distribution resigns, the retail business will dominate soon. “Dynamics AX is in line with this way and has expanded enormously in its functions”, notes Walter. “The financial accounting is covering all corporate areas.” Walter: “Dynamics AX is changing into an enterprise solution and the conventional industry ERP solutions no longer meet the requirements of the market.”

W+P Solutions follows this vision of an integrated enterprise solution: “The layers make it easier for me to transport my fashion knowledge into the future,” says Walter. “I take the Microsoft ERP standard, which was sold more than 20,000 times worldwide, add my industry layer WP FashionAX and expand it with the customer and user layer. “This approach was designed in the way that processes can be shut off, which Dynamics AX will might contain soon.” Because Microsoft has many developers to integrate new functionalities,” so Walter. For example, we integrated our product lifecycle management in Dynamics AX 2012, including a planning system with forecast. Sold a manufacturer 10,000 shirts it´s a bestseller, at point of sale there are still remaining 9.000 shirts from sales perspective it´s a failure.

We transmit these informations from the POS into our life cycle management system, which has a completely different statement to the original perspective of the manufacturer. “The model development department receives insights into consumer preferences and can react.” This speeds up the product development, makes everything more transparent and will save costs.

“With this system we are pioneer in the fashion market and win AX projects” W+P Solutions realizes small and medium-sized projects. For large projects we cooperate with Microsoft partners to cover all processes.

Move to internationalization 

“The fashion industry has gone soon to Turkey, Tunisia and Asia” explains Walter. “I follow the fashion market with Dynamics AX worldwide.” Dynamics AX is available in over 35 countries and more than 50 languages: There are partners worldwide. “I found a dutch reseller with fashion know-how who works with Dynamics AX,“ reports Hartmut Walter. “We trained him in four weeks on our solution WP FashionAX. In the meantime the reseller sold twice our fashion solution.” With this idea W+P Solutions goes into the markets in England, Denmark and the USA.

Despite the expansion: The basis is always security of investment: “Microsoft is a strong partner. Our investments are in good hands,” explains Walter. “The support of Microsoft is very good. There is a partner account manager as well contacts to further sales units. If I go up to large prospects, I get support of the key account team.” Walter requested a stronger daily operational support from Microsoft to enhance the fashion solution. “There´s always a quick reaction to my enquiries from Microsoft.”

For IT companies which want to get involved with Dynamics AX it is very important to be focused and stay tuned on the development. It´s efficient to have customers with more than 80 users. “I concentrate on classical medium-sized businesses with 200 to 400 users.” Since 2012 W+P Solutions finished six customers with this concept. “The return on investment is in 2014,” predicts Walter. “We have many enquiries at the moment which have to be planned very accurately, so it might be happen that we offer to our prospects to reschedule project launches.” Currently 30 employees are working in his dynamics team. “Next year we require 15 to 20 new employees.”

Further information on: www.walter-partner.com