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Kontrollis offers free Manufacturing ERP for educational purposes


Present for 3 years on the European market, Kontrollis made an important step for international affirmation, by opening to the South East Asian markets. It is a well known fact that this region offers a very important share of global garment and footwear production, with millions of workers employed in this field.  These countries have shown an important growth in garment and footwear production, often in very difficult technical circumstances.

Our goal is to offer to small and medium sized enterprises from this region the chance to have professional production controlling systems without major investments. Our manufacturing ERP is a fully online system, it does not require any investment or installation, it is set up within 24 hours and can be used based only on a monthly subscription fee. This way the local companies can improve their productivity with 10-25% in just a couple of months.

In order to help the local apparel industry on long term, Kontrollis is developing partnerships with local technical (textile) universities. For a couple of selected universities we offer free production monitoring and control systems, this way ensuring access for future textile engineers to specialized IT systems in their field of activity.

A stable collaboration between manufacturers, universities and service providers can be the key to the long term success of this industry. This way, local enterprises can increase their efficiency, producing quality products on reduced material and workforce costs and become more and more competitive on the global market.

At the same time, universities consider it a great opportunity to be able to offer to their students access to IT systems that are used by the companies and by this they will have more practical knowledge when they graduate.

We will put a great emphasis on these collaborations in the future as we consider that this program will be beneficial for the whole apparel industry in this region.


For more details please visit www.kontrollis.com