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Welcome to WhichERP

Welcome to WhichERP


Our Editor welcomes readers to WhichERP – the newest member of the WhichPLM stable of brands, and the primary resource for expert-level insight into Enterprise Resource Planning for the retail, footwear and apparel industries.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing WhichERP.  The publication you’re currently reading is the culmination of more than six years’ experience providing world-class insight, opinion and intelligence to the retail, footwear and apparel industries.

To date we’ve delivered those services exclusively to retailers and brands who were investigating product lifecycle management (PLM), one of the two most widely-adopted enterprise solutions.  WhichPLM has amassed an annual circulation of 30,000 readers from all walks of the fashion industry.  And alongside our widely-read editorial content, we have also worked directly with clients all over the world to help them quantify their need for PLM, and take the appropriate steps to select the right solution for their needs.

But over the last two years in particular, we found increasing numbers of readers and clients looking to run concurrent or closely-coupled ERP and PLM projects.  Long-term visitors began to contact us and ask whether we knew of an equivalent destination for ERP news and editorial.  Clients reaching the end of their PLM selection processes started to enquire after truly independent advisors who could provide the same services when the time came to replace their legacy ERP solution.

It didn’t take us long to realise that a real need existed for an equivalent to WhichPLM, but helmed by a new roster of ERP experts, and informed by the sheer weight of experience we’ve gleaned from more than half a decade of operating the PLM industry’s de facto destination for insight and intelligence.

So, in 2012, we registered the domain for WhichERP and began to put plans into motion for providing what so many retailers and brands told us they needed.

Recognising our limitations, the most important step was assembling a new board of advisors, headed up by experts with decades’ worth of experience shortlisting, selecting, implementing and working with ERP.  These advisors also serve as editorial contributors, so while I will continue to hold the reins for both WhichPLM and WhichERP, readers can be sure that the content each website publishes has been produced by someone who truly understands the solution in question.

So today, I’m proud to have the opportunity to unveil the results of our extensive preparatory work and recruitment.  Readers already familiar with WhichPLM will find that much is the same, but visitors new to our websites should take the time to explore and discover what WhichERP has to offer.  Global listings of ERP suppliers; new and exclusive features written by apparel industry veterans and ERP experts; all the latest news from the ERP market, and much more.

I believe that the publication we’ve assembled meets the needs of the readers and clients who clamoured for it, and I would encourage everyone visiting WhichERP in our launch period to check back often: we have an exclusive interview with an in-house New York design agency, looking at the importance of the user experience; we’ve lined up a third instalment in Bill Isherwood’s series looking at the difficulties of selecting an ERP solution; and we will have coverage of events from around the world, all coming very soon.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your feedback on WhichERP, and I hope to count you amongst our readers (and potentially as visitors to WhichPLM and WhichPLM Academy) for many years to come.