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AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software – Untether and Empower Your Apparel Business


AIMS 360, the fashion industries’ leading apparel ERP Software Company, is promoting automation awareness to help apparel businesses run more efficiently .“The word “automation” has been thrown around for some time now, but many apparel businesses are not aware nor truly understand the efficiencies and cost savings of implementing an automated system.” says Chris Walia (Director of Marketing at AIMS). AIMS is pushing awareness initiatives to apparel businesses to help them better understand the value of automation and ‘in the cloud’ hosting. These automated solutions bring all facets of an apparel business into one location, eliminating tedious, time-consuming and repetitive business functions which will lead to increasing ROI. AIMS has already created several automated tools and is committed to expanding its automated tools further to help businesses manage their processes to the most efficient levels possible.

The apparel industry is at a tipping point with regard to automation and cloud technology adoption. So many other industries (financial, insurance, telecom, healthcare, utilities, etc.) have openly embraced this type of enterprise software, and the time has come for mass adoption in the apparel industry. “This will accelerate the apparel product life-cycle while shortening the billing and fulfillment life-cycles.”, says Shahrooz Kohan (COO – AIMS). Clothing manufacturing companies stand to gain tremendous performance enhancement and their customers stand to benefit greatly from a better shopping and purchasing experience.

It is time to thrive, not just survive. The apparel business, like every other industry in the marketplace today, must evolve in order to grow. Long gone are the days of back-room, pen-and-paper, rear-view-mirror business management inefficiencies. Today, apparel manufacturers, wholesalers and importers must become a part of the automated, web-based revolution and must let technology become an equal partner in running their business.

Innovative, remotely accessible (cloud) and easy- to-use order and production processing systems exist today to take on the burden of handling all of the tedious, time-consuming and repetitive business functions that bog these businesses down. By offloading these tasks, businesses free themselves up to work faster, smarter and more
productively, and as a result, they have the time and performance insights needed to make important business decisions that drive the business forward.

For a moment, close your eyes, imagine waking up tomorrow and being able to perform the following critical business functions from anywhere:

  • Manage vendors from any Internet-connected device; as well as sales and invoicing, distribution, inventory, order processing, purchasing, accounting, materials, licensing and even production from a single integrated system •Create and manage a very professional looking, dynamic web store quickly and easily and begin attracting customers across the globe
  • Enter orders, process credit cards and capture electronic signatures all from an iPad, anywhere, anytime
  • Generate sales commission
  • Instantly access real-time performance figures including shipping and order statistics, customer demographics, style comparisons, etc. Make important business decisions while the window of opportunity is open.

These are just a few examples of the power of integrated, cloud-based apparel ERP management software. It enables an apparel business to operate looking ahead to the future, not behind at the past. Businesses can focus the bulk of their time on running the front-end of the business and leave the back-end to an automation partner. Just think about what new business tasks that have not been attended to and what other tasks could be completed with the time savings. It will help one sleep at night with the confidence that everything is okay with the business.

Choosing the Best Apparel Software

Selecting the right business management software is an important decision one must make. A business should look for a system that can do everything described above accurately, efficiently and cost effectively. AIMS is the industry leader in integrated apparel management software, available now in the cloud. There is no need for a server to run
the application and store data. AIMS360 takes care of all that. All that is needed is a web-connected device to manage the business while in the office, at home or even on the road.

AIMS360 industry-leading, all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) software gives all of the aforementioned capabilities and so much more. The system is designed to take the place of all of the disparate single-function systems you use today such as Excel, QuickBooks, CRM, a credit card processing solution, and so on. AIMS360 combines the features and capabilities of all of these tools into a single, integrated, automated system. All important data is kept in one place and limits the possibility of double-entry. In other words, instead of manually coupling together various business tools, porting data from one to the other, a person now can easily and centrally manage the entire business from a single application.

With AIMS360, businesses will see dramatic improvements in the way they run, manage and track their business. From sales, accounting and order processing, through production, inventory management and distribution, the Apparel Information Management System® helps streamline, automate and accelerate all facets of one’s apparel operation. This leads to increased productivity, lower overhead, greater customer satisfaction, and higher profitability.
The latest release of the AIMS360 apparel software is still accessible remotely on the cloud and offers a host of new, powerful features designed to drive the highest level of performance in the areas of customer service, production, operations and style management.

Some of the new additions that have been made to the industry-leading apparel management software include:

  • Auto Pack – for large non-EDI or EDI orders, indicates which items to pack in each box
  • Pricing by size and quantity – the ability price your styles by size
  • Pricing by quantity – offer volume discounting
  • Import ordering – take orders via your iPad or PC and upload the information back into the AIMS360 fashion software to manage orders, production, etc.
  • Coming Soon – Several new features such as attachments, tasks, reminders and more will be unveiled with the AIMS Couture Package.

AIMS takes apparel businesses to another level in terms of your ability to effectively meet customer demand, manage
orders and returns, market your business online to a wider audience, create workflow efficiencies and reduce overhead costs associated with unnecessary labor and staff.

AIMS continues to lead this technical evolution with the tools one needs to work smarter, not harder. Affordable, web- based, easy to use and highly customizable, that is AIMS360.

AIMS360 has opened the door to business empowerment, and it is time to step through. The journey is safe, affordable, easy and proven. Don’t wait a day longer. Leverage today’s innovations to capture a larger customer base, grow revenue and reduce daily overhead. Apparel businesses across the globe have already started. The time is right for you to do the same.

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