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TOPS ERP, Staying close to our customers by delivering what we promised


Colombo, 01 April 2014 – Covering all major business and manufacturing processes, TOPS (Total Order Processing System) Apparel Manufacturing ERP has been developed over a period of 13 years in close collaboration with industry leaders and best in the class process consultants. TOPS is tailor-made to fit specific requirements of the Apparel Industry allowing total control of business transactions and information through one, unified solution. We provide users and management with accurate transparency, total process control and real-time information to manage complex manufacturing processes to ensure on-time delivery, improve process excellence and thereby maximize customer satisfaction.

While letting our ERP seamlessly fashion up your business in the apparel arena, we are playing a significant role backstage, constantly researching how we can fashion up ourselves, sew new dresses and pin new accessories to our products in order to add value so you always get the best new look-&-feel experience to our solutions above all those highly priced ERPs in the market.

Our greatest achievement this year will be the movement of TOPS from Server to Cloud. Strategy of building a SaaS model is always a challenge. While ensuring all our unique competitive processes are accommodated, our customers will still be able to house simplified adoption of industry best practices and take control of their expenses by subscribing to a ‘pay as per use’ pricing model. Further, by enabling our ERP to be deployable to the cloud, we have taken the opportunity to revamp the user experience, simplify the daily tasks of users and provide higher levels of automation throughout the system. The latest version of TOPS will run on any device, allowing for true mobility in the workplace.

So what is next? Get ready for a whole new experience with our new dress to fit Management Dashboard and Planning Board. Both solutions are fully integrated with our TOPS ERP.

The Management Dashboard allows senior users and management of businesses to centralize their reporting with a tool which is available at any time, online. The Dashboard presents business critical reporting in a graphical and easily comprehensible formant, allowing users to identify whether any important aspect of their business requires attention. Dashboard widgets are 100% customizable for customers, meaning we will tailor widgets especially for your business KPI monitoring, allowing the Dashboard to become the one stop needed to monitor business improvement. And the icing on the cake? The Dashboard is compatible with other 3rd party software allowing you to gather all the information you need to run your business in one place, regardless of whether you are running our ERP or not.

Our recently released Planning Board is an agile and dynamic planning and scheduling tool, allowing even a single production planner to efficiently and rapidly plan incoming orders in an intuitive manner. The ability to track real time production and update the plan against actuals brings a high level of flexibility to a manufacturer by allowing it to stay current with the ever volatile production floor. The planning board allows the planner to maximize capacity in multiple locations and allows them to efficiently allocate and plan orders across several different factories.

With the recent releases of two of our latest tools to support manufacturers in being the best they can be, ExcelSoft is staying current with the latest technological improvements as well as further committing world class solutions to our distinguished customers.

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