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SQ Group, Bangladesh signs on to WFX Cloud ERP


Founded in 1993, SQ Group is one of the leading manufacturer of sweaters, knitwear, lingerie and shirts in Bangladesh. Renowned for its knitwear factory, SQ Group, is over 14 years old and is recognized for its products internationally.

SQ Group is striving to further improve productivity and process excellence and as part of this initiative the Group is implementing WFX Cloud ERP software across all product categories and divisions to strengthen operations.

SQ group selected WFX Cloud ERP to drive a centralized approach to its product development, operation and supply chain activities which will set the stage for the group to achieve a 300% growth target in five years.

“We looked into several options to have an integrated ERP solution for major business clusters of the Group. WFX appeared to be a very flexible platform in terms of our specific business requirements. Also, our existing business software and tools will have seamlessly integration with WFX ”    
– Senthil Selvan ( Director, Operations)

For more information on SQ group, visit http://sqgc.com/

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