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Chef Works Selects Visual 2000 as its Omni-Channel Software Provider


Visual 2000 International Inc. is pleased to announce that Chef Works has selected the Visual 2000 suite of omni-channel AFA software to manage its chef-wear business, from end-to-end.

VISUAL 2000 END2END LOGOChef Works’ recent growth has been exponential. Proportionally, so has the strain been on its operations. As a result, Chef Works could no longer rely on manual work to maintain their rate of growth and they had begun to consider the use of an end-to-end business solution.

After long and extensive research, Chef Works carefully selected Visual 2000 to be a partner in their transformation. Visual 2000 was selected as Chef Works’ end-to-end software provider based on its extensive feature offering, including its connected ERP and PLM systems. Specifically, it was able to offer Chef Works features such as “any language” login, Business Intelligence and Digital Asset Management, as standard, and a friendly user-interface, which would allow for an easy migration from their previous system.

Most importantly, Chef Works’ solution had to be comprehensive. Joshua Gross, Sr. Director of Chef Work’s Global Supply Chain writes, “the key to our decision making process was to find a partner that could not only support our PLM implementation, but also provide an end-2-end solution, and Visual was exactly in that position.”

Despite increasing demand, Chef Works aims to become more lean and efficient. Throughout the coming months, it will migrate from its current system of spreadsheets and emails, to one that is based entirely within the Visual 2000 ecosystem. This will allow for more efficient collaboration between Chef Work’s offices, which are spread across four continents.

Charles Benoualid, VP of Research and Development at Visual 2000 confirmed, “without a system to track and manage communication and files, a company working solely out of spreadsheets and emails can quickly lose track of itself. We are excited to aid Chef Works in their growth.”

Ultimately, Chef Works aims to meet growing demand and increase innovation without having to compromise on its flexibility or agility. The Visual 2000 suite of software will be a key component of that strategy.



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