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Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits Taps Simparel ERP to Advance Operations and Support Growth


Simparel, Inc. (http://www.simparel.com), the innovator in next-generation information technology for the fashion and other consumer goods industries, announces that private label sweater and sportswear manufacturer Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits, LLC will implement the Simparel® ERP solution at its midtown Manhattan headquarters. In replacing a ten-year old legacy system, the new Enterprise Resource Planning software promises to provide the responsiveness and scalability the company needs to manage current and projected fast-paced growth.

According to Austin Mallis, Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits Vice President of Operations, “As business has grown over the years, the number of transactions has increased dramatically. While we were getting by with an old system, we knew we needed a solution that would position us to be at the forefront for the next ten years. We knew that finding the right business system was important to efficiently scaling our business to seize future growth opportunities. After evaluating a number of systems, we found that Simparel could simplify our processes and provide the ease of use our teams were excited about. We particularly liked the modern technology and clean functionality it brings. We also felt a close cultural fit with them as a business partner.”

“Probably the greatest impact of the new system will be seen in the area of customer service,” continued Mallis. “With omnichannel and other trends driving more styles, orders and transactions, we need to always be ready, willing and able to provide our retail clients with the flexibility, accuracy and efficiency they require. Simparel will enable us to do our jobs faster and more effectively by automating things like allocation, picking/packing and direct integration with third-party logistics (3PL) partners.”

Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits expects to go-live on Simparel later this year with up to 60 users. By improving access to information, Simparel will also empower the company to better measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as sales, projections, and perform in-depth customer analytics.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to partner with Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits as they continue their fast-paced growth,” noted Simparel President and CEO Roberto Mangual. “Because they have done a thorough job of evaluating the fit of our technology with their needs and goals, we anticipate a rapid implementation and solid return on investment. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”




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