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TAL Apparel upgrades its ERP system to be more agile


TAL Apparel has begun deploying Infor CloudSuite Fashion in a bid to create an agile business model set to target high-end customer brands.

Besides having its headquarters in Hong Kong, the apparel manufacturer has factories in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mainland China and Indonesia, and sales offices in the USA.

With an expanding business and increasingly fierce competition, TAL Apparel needed an ERP solution capable of supporting an agile business model to meet the fast-changing needs of the fashion industry.

The apparel manufacturer thus sought Infor’s help to develop a clear roadmap from current on-premises to SaaS. Besides that, the two companies co-developed and integrated purpose-built features into the standard Infor CloudSuite Fashion, making it possible to conduct a fast, direct deployment.

With Infor CloudSuite Fashion, TAL Apparel is able to manage both style and non-style products in the same system and gain visibility across every aspect of the value chain. This is because the system can connect and share information with the company’s internal team, suppliers, production staff, and customers within a secure infrastructure built specifically for fashion, according to Infor.

“In order to achieve an agile business model, companies have to set up an efficient supply chain platform, quicken the speed at which brands place orders to the factory, as well as reduce delivery time to the customer or end-customer,” said Dr. Delman Lee, President and CTO, TAL Apparel Limited. “The cloud-based, purpose-built solution from Infor meets TAL Apparel’s ERP business requirements for a system that is agile, configurable and scalable. We partner to strive for zero modifications and single tenancy.”

Infor CloudSuite Fashion is expected to be fully rolled out in TAL Apparel by the end of 2018.



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