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Leader in Outdoor Gear Adopts Shopfloor Solution to Support Phenomenal Growth


Hyperlite Mountain Gear has significantly increased production efficiencies and process visibility with the

successful implementation of the Shopfloor Eye solution in its US-based manufacturing operations.

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA (USA) – December 15, 2016 – Shopfloor Support LLC (www.shopfloor.com), the

first name in shop floor, announces that Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Inc. has successfully adopted its

Shopfloor Eye™ real-time shop floor control solution at its Biddeford, Maine (USA) facility. After using

the wireless production management software for just 3 months, the leader in ultralight packs, tents,

shelters and other outdoor adventure gear reports measurable gains in overall productivity and

increased process visibility and control.

“With growth nearly doubling each year, we knew that we needed to deploy the best engineering and

systems available to meet demand and cost-effectively produce here in the USA,” explained Hyperlite

Mountain Gear Director of Operations John Schafer. “While we have always been committed to

continuous improvement, the Shopfloor system gives us the opportunity to have a “new conversation” on

our shop floor; one that is based on coaching around real-time production information, visibility and

profitability. We have quickly found that this system empowers us to consistently meet production

standards, balance our production line, and guarantee maximum efficiency.”

To rapidly implement and prove the benefits of the new system, Schafer, a veteran of global

manufacturing, set up a new team-based “Pack Express Line” manufacturing cell. While workers are not

paid on industry-traditional piecework incentives, engineering studies were conducted to determine

efficient production standards for each of the many steps involved in producing backpacks. Based on the

tremendous results achieved, Hyperlite Mountain Gear is making plans to deploy the Shopfloor system

across its entire production operation next month.

“Before Shopfloor, managing production was like driving a car by looking through the rear-view mirror,”

continued Schafer. “Now we are looking forward with the benefit of seeing and being able to respond to

any potential obstacles. We have never had this level of shop floor information and control before;

especially in such a cost-effective solution.”

Shopfloor Support is further developing its Simple BOM™ capabilities to enable Hyperlite Mountain Gear

pre-production teams to use their tablets to scan work orders and more accurately pick all components

(often upwards of 60 parts) needed to produce packs. Shopfloor also plans to develop software tools to

eliminate parts picking errors by verifying precise bins and shelf locations, and to manage work-in-

process collection areas where specific products can be staged for specific operations or processing.

“We applaud the Hyperlite Mountain Gear team for their commitment to Made in USA, their production

teams and their efficiency,” noted Shopfloor Support Partner Justin Hershoran. “We enjoy their

partnership and look forward to a long and highly productive relationship.”



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