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WhichERP, is dedicated to Enterprise Resource Planning for the retail, footwear and apparel industries. Governed by an editorial board of proven industry experts, WhichERP plays host to news, opinion, interviews, tools and insight, all underpinned by our eight years’ experience delivering the same content to the PLM market. These touchstones have already allowed us to build a successful, recognisable brand in PLM.

Today we count many of the world’s leading retailers, brands and manufacturers as readers and/or clients, and we believe that WhichERP can become the de facto standard for unbiased, expert-level advice dedicated to the RFA ERP market, just as its PLM counterpart has.

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Our readers and clients have clamoured for us to deliver the same level of content and service to the ERP market for some time, and as a result we expect that WhichERP will grow to equal or even eclipse the popularity of its sister site, WhichPLM. And with a dedicated existing audience to draw on, we expect that to happen sooner rather than later. WhichPLM grew from a niche market guide to an online and in-print publication attracting approximately 45,000, readers from all walks of the apparel industry. We expect to see even more prospective customers engaging with our signature mix of content as WhichERP grows. You can read our welcome feature here.