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Here you will find our full suite of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. We encourage all readers (whether you have previously advertised with WhichPLM or not) to go through the full range of information we have put together.


WhichPLM has proven to be an effective communication tool for the PLM industry’s leading vendors. We are delighted to count its biggest names as long-term partners, and we believe that the ERP sector’s most forward-thinking vendors now have an unrivalled opportunity to achieve potentially even more significant benefits than their PLM counterparts, by joining WhichERP. Having found 45,000 regular readers of WhichPLM, and gained testimonials from international mega-brands for our educational services, we are thrilled that we now have the chance to bring the same opportunities to your market.

Our already-established readership represents a cross-section of the apparel industry — from garment technicians to CIOs and CEOs, and every stage in between. With the best-known and highest-profile names already placing their trust in our brands, WhichERP is guaranteed to attract loyal, prestigious readers who may be investigating ERP for the first time, or looking to replace a legacy solution. WhichPLM has also become a home away from home for many of the world’s leading PLM vendors, who actively promote their solutions to our readers. The options for advertising with WhichERP are designed to present the same opportunities to the ERP industry, and several vendors have already expressed an interest in becoming early adopters of WhichERP.



The root of WhichERP will be our Supplier Listings. These popular pages enable companies to make informed buying decisions, and allow suppliers and consultants to present the full scope of their capabilities and content to our readers. Our aim is to reflect the full scope of vendors of ERP to the apparel industry – from the world’s largest suppliers right through to developers of low- cost, out-of-the-box solutions. Many WhichPLM partners have chosen to expand their presence in our listings with a dedicated “microsite,” which allows them to begin building a profile on our websites, using bi-directional links between this listing and all their other content. Supported by rich media content and a direct contact form for lead generation, a well-populated microsite serves as an anchor for any synergistic advertising presence – on WhichPLM or WhichERP.


Whatever your marketing strategy, WhichERP can cater to your requirements. Whether you prefer to reach out to prospective customers with direct mail campaigns, or to position yourselves as thought leaders, the following marquee opportunities are just a taste of the full suite demonstrated over the page, and each of these has been used to great effect on WhichPLM:

  • Traditional banner advertising offers prominent positioning for headline news, and extremely competitive impressions and click-through ratios.
  • Guest blogs, whitepapers, featured articles and other educational, engaging content continue to be immensely popular with our readers, and represent a cost-effective way for vendors to remain on our front page.
  • Press releases and video content are hosted free of charge within the scope of an Advertising Agreement. Like all of WhichERP, there is no charge or subscription required to read/view these.
  • Direct mailing campaigns reach a sponsored list of more than 17,000 premium industry contacts.
  • A designated WhichERP copywriter can also be requested to attend your event for a standard day rate, and provide world class coverage for our global audience.


  • ARTICLES AND BLOGS (copy supplied by customer)

WhichERP guest blogs are expected to be one of our most popular features; customers enjoy seeing topical content that is presented as impartial but demonstrates a supplier’s expertise. Where a representative of a given vendor has weighed in on a particular topic, that vendor is often perceived as a thought leader. Copy is published alongside your company logo and image of the author, and is prominently linked to and archived on your microsite.

  • BUTTON BANNER (Most Popular)

A static or animated banner measuring 300 x 250 pixels – appearing in a randomly-sorted order on the WhichERP homepage – as well as some featured content – and linked to designated URL (either internal or external). PNG, JPG or animated GIF formats accepted; Flash (SWF) is no longer supported.


Releasing a Whitepaper, a customer case study or a new brochure? Publish a link on WhichERP for maximum exposure. As with guest blogs, this kind of educational content is incredibly popular and cost-effective, since you are distributing existing assets. The file (generally a PDF, but presentations and documents in most formats are accepted) can be hosted on your own servers, to capture the identities of downloaders.


Promote a significant upcoming event, whitepaper, report or software revision with an email campaign reaching more than 17,000 contacts from every walk of the retail, footwear and apparel industries. Content and HTML layout will be provided by you, with full reporting on opens and click-throughs provided by WhichERP following distribution.

  • FEATURED ADVERTORIAL (copy supplied by customer)

Another popular item. This is the chance for you to raise awareness of your software and solutions via a featured article on WhichERP: a comprehensive featured article provided by you on your company and/or solution(s). Since it is clearly marked as advertising, you are free to dictate its contents.


Occupy a prominent spot on the homepage slider of WhichERP, linked to an internal or external URL of your choice. Artwork should be produced to the following specifications: 566 x 353 pixels, lossless PNG strongly preferred. Flash (SWF) is not supported. These are incredibly popular, and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Be the first thing our visitors see. Occupy a slot in our rotating header banner area (alongside the WhichERP logo) throughout the website with a banner measuring 720 x 85 pixels pointing to a designated URL (either internal or external). JPG, PNG or animated GIF format. Flash (SWF) is not supported.

  • MICROSITE (Most Popular)

Showcase your company and ERP Solution within a dedicated area of the WhichERP website, curated by a member of your team and linked to every piece of your content. You could opt for a basic supplier listing providing the opportunity to insert a 100-word “About” section, URL, email address and phone number, or you could opt for an advanced listing with the opportunity to add images, videos, a 500-word description and create a true home away from home for your solution.


Want to spread the word about your newest customer or software release? Publish your press releases and announcements to our dedicated news area, free of charge within the scope of any Advertising Agreement.


Post your videos to WhichERP for enhanced visibility. Take advantage of video slots on WhichERP’s homepage – promote new launches, customer interviews, and educate potential customers.


Have an event coming up? A member of the WhichERP team can be booked to cover your event. Packages consist of complete coverage, photographs, and a full write-up on WhichERP. Bespoke packages are available upon request based upon duration of the event. Travel and accommodation expenses are in addition to this. Tailored based upon event duration.

To discuss any of the above in more detail you can contact kathryn@whicherp.com or call us on +44 7508 023 825. Tailored packages can be discussed.