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Digital Partnerships in the RFA Supply-Chain

WhichERP CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, shares his latest piece with us here. He explores the trend WhichERP has been seeing in digital partnerships within RFA, and what he refers to as the ‘disruption race’.  Recently, I’ve noted mergers and acquisitions becoming more common in the RFA (Retail, Footwear & Apparel) technology sector, including companies […]

Selecting the Right ERP Solution

  Our CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, delves into the process of enterprise-level solution selection. Mark focuses on the positives as well as the pitfalls, hoping to help prospective customers of ERP to understand the market, and to select the solution that’s right for them. No matter the size of your business – from the […]

The Internet of Things – Transforming Topology

Following on from our recent piece on the Internet of Things, this series of blogs is continued here. This time, Mark Harrop discusses the IoT from a more technical perspective, exploring TCP/IP standards, PPP, and Mesh Networks.  I recently wrote an article on the subject of the Internet of Things (IoT) titled: The Internet of Things – Transforming Fashion. This […]

The Internet of Things – Transforming Fashion

The Internet of Things is already 19 years old and is all around us every day – it’s time we take a closer look at how the IoT will support Fashion Design, Development and procurement…    The WhichERP team has been following the ‘hype versus reality’ of the IoT for the last few years and more deeply over the last 18 […]

FashionAble Amsterdam event – the WhichERP report

Our CEO and editorial board member Mark Harrop met with the team from Venistar at the launch of Venistar’s Amsterdam offices on 16th May. His exclusive report provides further context to the company’s continued expansion plans. Venistar bills itself as one of Europe’s leading providers of omni-channel solutions and consulting services, and as part of expansion plans […]

Digital Transformation: A Whole-Business Initiative

To celebrate the addition of WhichERP to the WhichPLM stable of brands, our CEO makes a case for treating any enterprise-level IT project as an opportunity to conduct a broader digital transformation. Any successful IT project will be closely aligned with your broader business strategy.  After all, the requirement to adopt an enterprise solution is […]