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Workwise LLC

"Specifically designed for today’s manufacturing industry, our innovative ERP software is built to meet the various complexities and unique challenges manufacturers face. From shop floor to delivery, WorkWise ERP software gives you a complete view of every aspect of your business."

Workwise ERP
World on a Hanger

"World on a Hanger is the fastest, easiest way for small fashion labels to wholesale their products."


"The company is a leading business to business provider of Apparel specific supply chain solutions that allow client companies to automate their in-house functional processes and to also integrate these with systems in use at their customers, suppliers and business partners to improve service levels and reduce operating cost."

Xe-ERP Apparel Software

"From start-ups to billion-dollar corporations, Xperia has been an ERP apparel software provider of choice for efficiency-minded apparel & footwear manufacturers and importers for 30 years running. "

XTuple ERP

"Discover how consolidating all your manufacturing and distribution processes into a single business system saves you time and money "


"At Zensar, we see Innovation as a clear differentiator. Innovation, along with focus on deep, long-lasting client relationships and strong domain expertise, drives every facet of our day-to-day operations"