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FashionAble Amsterdam event – the WhichERP report

Our CEO and editorial board member Mark Harrop met with the team from Venistar at the launch of Venistar’s Amsterdam offices on 16th May. His exclusive report provides further context to the company’s continued expansion plans. Venistar bills itself as one of Europe’s leading providers of omni-channel solutions and consulting services, and as part of expansion plans […]

NRF 2014 Interviews: Infor

In the third of our exclusive, cross-site vendor interviews from January’s NRF show in New York City, our Editor talks with Robert McKee and Andrew Dalziel of Info about the importance of trade shows, and the concept of “beautiful software” across PLM and ERP. Ben Hanson: Infor have been exhibiting at NRF for several concurrent […]

NRF 2014 Interviews: SAP

In the second of our exclusive, cross-site vendor interviews from last month’s NRF show in New York City, our Editor talks with the SAP retail team about the paramount importance of the retail experience, and how technology has become a prerequisite for meeting consumer expectations. Ben Hanson: SAP are still one NRF’s biggest advertisers, even neglecting […]

NRF 2014 Interviews: ecVision

In the first of our exclusive, cross-site vendor interviews from last month’s NRF show in New York City, our Editor talks with Gary Barraco of ecVision about supply chain transparency, sustainability, and the future of collaborative materials management. Ben Hanson: Firstly, how has the show been for you, and do you think the trends you […]

NRF 2014 – The WhichPLM Report

Our cross-site coverage of NRF 2014 resumes with the Editor’s annual report on the sights, sounds, trends and hot topics (both PLM and ERP) originating from the 103rd of retail’s “big shows” in New York City. While retail has withered, bloomed, withered and bloomed again in recent years, the sheer scope and bombast of its […]

The top trends from NRF 2014

Following his return from New York City, our Editor lists the top trends (in both technology and the retail experience) that emerged from this year’s bigger-than-ever National Retail Federation “Big Show”. 1. The return of the shopkeeper It’s little wonder that bricks and mortar retail has lost its way. In our personal lives, we all […]

NGC’s Panorama Conference – Our Report

Independent Analyst and WhichERP Editorial Board member Peter Bambridge delivers an exclusive report on end-to-end solution provider New Generation Computing’s two-day Panorama user conference, which was held in Miami last month. New Generation Computing (NGC) held its annual user conference on 14th & 15th November, at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.  Across […]

TexProcess 2013 – The WhichPLM Report

Between 10th and 13th June, the Messe Frankfurt played host to two of the textile industry’s biggest trade fairs, TexProcess and TechTexil, running concurrently, spread over vast square-footage, and showing many of the latest developments in technology and mechanical innovation.  In this – the first in an exclusive series of articles – our Editor examines […]